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Are you a Developer looking to expand your skill set? Check out TypeScript, a language which can help improve your productivity, especially as compared to JavaScript. The type system enables tooling which can find many common coding errors. In this course, learn TypeScript within the context of Angular apps.

Explore the major features of TypeScript, and see how they can make teams more productive, create an Angular 1.x application, and learn how TypeScript enables and supports interaction with JavaScript libraries. Get a tour of TypeScript, look at two-way databinding, find out how to work with callbacks and asynchronous tasks, plus much more.

Note: This course can be updated for TypeScript 2.0 and Angular 2.0 when they are both released.

1 | Take a Tour of TypeScript
Start with the template-generated code for a TypeScript HTML application, and see how this simple application demonstrates the major features of TypeScript.

2 | Angular 1.x-Based Application
Explore the overall structure of an Angular application, and learn how TypeScript makes Angular-based application development easier and more productive.

3 | Controllers, Views, and Databinding
Explore how TypeScript enables better design idioms in the Angular controllers and view models.

4 | Two-Way Databinding
See a demo of building TypeScript code in our controller to handle two-way databinding, and learn about tracking changes to the data displayed in the view.

5 | WebAPI and Server Communications
Explore how TypeScript can work with the Angular’s $resource object to create efficient client/server communication, using WebAPI on the server.

6 | Callbacks and Async
Find out how to work with callbacks and asynchronous tasks.

7 | The Road to 2.0
Get an overview of how TypeScript works with Angular 2.0.

8 | Final Thoughts
Wrap up the course, and hear final thoughts.

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  • FY(M)I – This video was recorded in Oct. 2015.

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  • Hey guys. I love that you're doing this content. But just a note. "Naming the video Angular 2" is misleading when you cover angular 1.5 which is totally a complete re-write and the two are separate, You only cover the future of Angular 2… please change title…

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  • 4 hour ….. too long!

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  • I wanted to watch this, but as a developer, just looking at a browser made by Microsoft raises my blood pressure to high to continue.

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  • for those who really want to learn what's going on here, it doesn't matter that much whether it's a four-hour video or a series of episodes

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  • One more thing. Angular 1.x != Angular 2.x Doesn't it defeat the purpose of the video if the first video shows Angular 1.X code?

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  • Thanks for building typescript in a way that we could learn it fast and it doesn't fight JavaScript. Been liking how the whole Web platform development is headed. Finally MS is complying with the standards!!! Keep up the good job.

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  • Thanks for this 4 hour video, I would have appreciated if Microsoft would have little bit more efforts to divide this 4 hours videos in smaller parts e.g. Introduction of Visual Studio, Introduction of X, Introduction of Y, and the end just 5 minutes video telling about : What is Angular JS 2.0.

    I watched up to one hour of video, but felt that it would have been better.

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  • Two guys making todomvc-ish app for 4 hours. Something is terribly wrong either with AngularJS or modern webdev in general.


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  • Might be better if you add the links to jump to the video (time) based on the chapters. But love the 4hr video unlike the previous bloke.

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  • Is it just me or are there lipsync problems in this video?

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  • Hey guys. I love that you're doing this content. But just a note. Putting out a 4+ hour video on Youtube is just not effective in 2016. It would be much better if you broke this video into 'episodes' or chapters which people can treat as 'lessons'. You'll get way more traffic that way as well as better interaction. Also, highly suggest refining the edits down to as short as possible per chapter.

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  • Could you add subtitle to video for more understand, please

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  • nice tutorial

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