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Do you build for the web? If you do, you know that creating a webpage which uses dynamic data can be a challenge! There often isn't a clear separation between logic and user interface, and this can make building and maintaining pages tough. Help is here, in the form of Knockout, a JavaScript library built to make binding data to a page easier, allowing you to focus on solving business problems rather than on the required technology.

Walk with popular experts Jon Galloway and Christopher Harrison through Knockout, explore how it compares with jQuery and other libraries, and see how to create a single-page app from scratch. Check out cool demos, look at logic, loops, and templates, and work with forms. Put this framework to the test, learn what you need to easily solve binding issues, and find out why Knockout is such a winner!

1 | Introducing Knockout
Find out what Knockout is, and get started. Explore MVVM concepts, and compare Knockout to jQuery and other libraries.

2 | Binding and Models
Take a look at binding concepts and two-way bindings. Learn about creating a model, and creating computed properties.

3 | Loops, Logic, and Templates
Explore looping through data, conditional displays, and creating templates.

4 | Making Server Calls and Persisting Data
Look at Knockout and Ajax, and find out about loading and saving data.

5 | Creating Single-Page Applications (SPAs)
See how you can use Knockout to build single-page applications.

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  • angular 1.5 is the present, react is the future…

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  • Amazing !! I do understand everything you are so good teachers !!! Holly Molly !!!

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  • U re simply the best!

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  • Seriously? If that is the MS culture these days it's no wonder everything is bloated and slow I guess – like Video like product I guess. Gad it's been along time since I actually wanted to slap somebody LOL. You guys are not funny, cute, or the least bit helpful to anyone who is above grade school. Drink a Red Bull for pete's sake.

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  • Is there some additional npm command that needs to be run to get the option to choose from JavaScript and TypeScript? Currently when I execute the commands as seen in this video, the output js files are definitely not JavaScript. In fact, I'm not even prompted to choose between JavaScript and TypeScript. In home.js the first two lines are:

    import ko from 'knockout';
    import homeTemplate from 'text!./home.html';

    As a side note, it would be ideal to include in these videos that installing git and python are requirements to even get to the point where I am at, otherwise you just end up with various syntax errors.

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  • If you're wondering when they get into the actual discussion of a SPA and architecture, it starts at 3:18:45.

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