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Why choose Node.js for your next project and how to create npm package? There are tons of reasons to use this server-side application framework, and two of the biggest are packages and modules, key parts of the Node.js foundation. The Node.js online repository, npm, contains just about any code your project might need, and it's easy to plug in that code and to keep it up-to-date. Plus, you can start giving back to the vibrant node ecosystem by sharing the clever things you have built.

Watch experts Jeremy Foster and Chris Kinsman, as they explore packages and modules and the difference between the two. See Visual Studio Code in action, along with cool demos, including a detailed look at real-world packages and how they are structured. Learn how to create and consume modules, how to bundle them into a package, and how easy it is to publish to npm. If you are already working with node and you're familiar with JavaScript, but you're not sure how packages and modules work behind the scenes, take this opportunity to see how the magic comes together!

1 | Introducing Modules
See what modules mean in the world of Node.js and how to obtain modules. Plus, hear a discussion of some of the most commonly used modules.

2 | Module Design Patterns
See how to best create and manage your own modules.

3 | Introducing Packages
See what the differences between modules and packages are. Find out how to obtain packages and how to manage them.

4 | Creating Custom Packages
See how to create your own custom packages.

5 | Publishing Packages
See how to share your packages with the community and with your organization.

6 | Performance and Other Considerations
See how to best structure your packages for performance, and take a look at other best practices.

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