Temporal in SQL Server 2016

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Today, Scott welcomes Borko Novakovic back to Data Exposed and the Channel 9 studios. Borko, a Program Manager in the SQL Server team, is in Redmond all the way from his home in Belgrade, Serbia to introduce us to the new Temporal technology being introduced in SQL Server 2016. Temporal in SQL Server is designed to simply the handling of time-varying data. It provides the ability to look at data trends, types of data changes, and the overall data evolution within your database.

Borko begins the show by explaining the key scenarios around the use of Temporal and why it will be included in Azure SQL Database and SQL Server 2016. He then leads us through how to get started with Temporal and how system-time works, then quickly jumps I into a demo to show us Temporal in action, including the new easy-to-use T-SQL syntax to implement Temporal.

As Borko said, this is as close to time traveling with data as we'll get.

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